Buying a rented property


I am buying a leasehold apartment for my own use and which is currently rented out by the present owner. Can I ask that the renters be out before I sign the contract or do I have to do this after I sign the contract. Does the notice period of the rental agreement have to be strictly honored or is there a way the landlord can request an early eviction. I ask this because I am currently living off an airbnb apartment and would like to move in as soon as possible.


I wouldn’t sign anything until the tenants are out - they can be given notice, but there is no guarantee that they will leave and then it could be lengthy court action.


OUT first without a doubt


The current owner should show your solicitor evidence that the tenancy has ended and the tenants have vacated before you sign anything. As above, be prepared for a long wait if the tenants dig their heels in.


do not exchange till they are out and check it is so yourself


Unless you’re comfortable meeting the tenants and switching over the tenancy - I wouldn’t until after the tenants are out.

I’ve seen nightmare scenarios with tenants refusing to sign a new lease and paying the former owner as well, so be cautious with that. I’m not sure how eviction works when you buy the property and they can show they’re paying the person who they have a contract with.

In general, yes 100% advise not buying this until after the property is legally vacated.


Thanks for you replies.

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