Can I rent a property without a guarantor if I pay full rent for 6 months in advance?


trying to rent a house in any UK location since I’m working remotely (coder, web developer)

I cannot rent because I don’t have a guarantor when I’m telling let’s sign a contract for 6 months and I will pay you immediately for 6 months agents are refusing? WHY ???

So if a house costs 600 pounds monthly I offer to pay 6x600=3600, I agree to pay six full rents for all the contract length as one payment, don’t understand why do I need any guarantor, my money is my guarantor.

any ideas ???

Simple …They dont have to accept you… If a person offers to pay 6 months upfront a landlord may think they intend to rent it out to others to make a load of money and have in multiple tenants… Your money is NOT the guarrantor… I have accepted 6 months rent upfront in a couple of cases . Its up to the landlord… . 6 months after the 6 months who will guarantee that?

I am sure you are very honest BUT if you pay 6 months upfront what guarantee is there that won’t be the last of it ?

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Paying several months in advance is a common activity of criminals who use property for growing cannabis. They work on the assumption that you will not inspect the property as regular if at all. Cannabis farms can damage a property and invalidate your insurance.

Not everyone who wants to pay in advance has an ulterior motive, but you have to see why many landlords would shy away from the idea.


aha, ok this makes sense, but if I rent it out to other people I will break the contract and I will be punished, I’m not crazy to break the contract, also if the Landlord is going to lease for 6 months what’s the difference, I will pay for 6 months we sign a contract for 6 months. Even if I had a guarantor Landlord would sign a contract for 6 months without any guarantee that the Landlord decides to continue renting out the property (after 6 months)

No guarantee BUT the Landlord specified minimum contract length is 6 months (specifying this means they agree that a person will live in the property only 6 months)

ok thanks makes sense, but, if I had a guarantor I feel in this case the Landlord would inspect the property even more rarely

to clarify a little, in my understanding - guarantor pays for the tenants if they failed to, so if I put 6 months deposit + security deposit to cover any possible damages then why do I need a guarantor? All the money are already on the Landlord’s/Agency’s account

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t try to offer 6 month’s rent in advance, I’m just making you aware of one of the reasons some landlords would be put off by the idea.

Colin3 says he has accepted advanced payments so I’m sure others will also.

NNe i have just had a thought. Are you self employed? Can you provide 3 years accounts?If self employed this may explain the landlord wanting a guarrantor, as self employment work can be erratic