Can you recheck tenant mid tenancy?

Quick question,
My potential tenant can’t provide a guarantor and their own check came back risky.
If I get a deposit, do a shorter agreement with them, they pay rent for say 6 months can I get OpenRent to re-check them - they’ll see they’ve been paying rent ok therefore my insurances etc will be covered? They’re currently living with a friend so haven’t passed the rent payment check part as there’s no evidence
Thank you!

no guarantor and risky check … why continue?

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As a first time landlord I was in the same position, but I took the risk of having the tenant, as I felt they would honour the Tenancy Agreement.

However, you will not get a Rent Guarantee Insurance Policy if you take them on, but you can get home insurance cover.

My understanding of what you wrote is that you hope a fresh check in six months time will provide a ‘good’ report so that you can then take out a Rent Guarantee Insurance Policy. Good idea. Will it work - I don’t know: ask your potential insurer! I have not tried this, but would appreciate knowing what the insurer’s response is if you ask them, so do let me know what it is.

As for Open Rent’s agent performing another check, no problem in my view. They should do so when you pay their fee in six months time.

Good luck.

John45, what is home insurance cover in this context please guarantee? I have a similar issue at the moment.

My house contents insurance for landlords.

To clarify: Your house content insurance is based on the tenant passing an affordability check?

I’ve never heard of this in any other country and I am utterly baffled by how the uk insurance companies do this.

There should be no need to reference once you’ve gotten a good tenant.