Changing contract to state paying 6 months rent instead of 1

I have filled in the tenancy contract and wanted to change a default section to state my tenant was paying 6 months in advance, instead of one. The document wouldn’t let me proceed to create the contract with this in. I had to return to the default to proceed to the contract being created.
Any idea why this was the case and is there a way I can redo the contract to state my tentanst is paying 6 months rent in advance?

Hi Diane, this guide will hopefully answer your questions on rent in advance.

As a summary:

  • you can’t take more than £12,000 in advance
  • you can’t take rent for the whole term in advance (i.e. if your tenancy is 6 months long, then you would have to take 5 months in advance
  • you can set up rent in advance via the site using the steps in this guide.

Let me know if any problems!