Changing from monthly rent to weekly

The only difference between monthly and weekly rent is not the rent (PCMx12/52=PCW the amount is the same)

If you collect rent weekly you must give the tenant a rent book which needs to be filled in weekly

Weekly rent is more paper work and you have to fill in a paper book weekly ( the books are £10 for 3 which is more cost)
If you don’t give at rent book to the tenant on the day of commencement you cannot serve a section 21

It would be invalid

Stick to PCM it’s less hastle and cheaper

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Reread my original post where I lay it out.

Since you apparently are struggling to scroll up slightly, here it is with the math laid out:

Paying 1/4 the monthly amount creates a 13 month calendar. This is a trick for paying debt off faster.

So if the way you work it out is 1000/4=250, then 52*250= 13,000

However when you calculate weekly rent you can’t do it like that. You have to calculate annual (1000*12=12,000) by 52 weeks (12,000/52= 230) in which case the difference of a week either way is negligeble with a lot of potential extra headache for you.

I understand where you’re getting this idea but no. You don’t get to charge weekly as a way to sneakily raise the rent by 8%

what a load of coblers about how to pay rent. Just stick with a monthly rent, loads of bills are paid on a monthly basis

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If the rent is £6500 per year and you divide it by 4 equal parts surely the amount is still the same? You are making it far more complicated thsn it actually is. Why? This is a silly discussion making problems where tgere none. Thats me done there are far worse things to worry about than this nonesense. I have a life to live.