From monthly payment to weekly?

Hi all,
Tenant has said not asked that she will be paying weekly from now on and not monthly as previously agreed and has been the case for years. If I agree to weekly which frankly I don’t want to, are there any requirements I need to have in place?


A rent book. How is she calculating the weekly rent?

Hi David, thanks for your reply. That’s the other query, the amount she said she’ll pay each week doesn’t work out.
I would presume it’s monthly rent x 12 / 52 = per week, it looks to me like she’s broke it down to 4weeks but some months have more than 4 weeks. So over a year it’s 13 (months) of 4 weeks.

Either way I don’t want to change it to weekly as I work remotely and not capable of issuing a rent book regularly. Assuming I would effectively have to give her a receipt every week?
Apologies for my lack of knowledge on this.