Changing housing payment date

I’m currently rent one of the properties on open rent, and I wanted to change the payment date due to my work payment schedule always being the beginning of the next month.

I would like to know what is the procedure to change the dates please.

The first step will be to put your request to the landlord. The rent due date is set in the contract and he would have to be willing to accept it late. He can then arrange it with Openrent.

Thank you for your reply
The landlord is requesting £489 for the change of date
Is this acceptable?

just to change the date? Or is this the rent adjustment?

Just the date
Which is from the 29 to move it to the 7th

Ask him to explain what the £489 represents as hes not allowed to charge you a fee.

Thank you for the reply
The landlord explaining was

“ So to be 100% clear, between the 29th and 6th is 8 days - this is based on 30 day month. So £1750.00 x12 months /365 days in a year = £57.50 per day. £57.50 X 8 days is £460.27””

That would shift the payment date to be different to the tenancy period, which isn’t the best idea for either of you, but its quite legitimate. You wouldn’t be paying any extra as your next monthly rent wouldn’t be until 7th. Just remember if you ever have to serve a notice to quit, it will have to align to the original tenancy period, not the payment date.

Yea sure
So she shouldn’t be charging me anything?
Yes the notice I get it

There should be no fee, just rent to fill the gap if thats the way she wants to go. When Ive done this in the past Ive just accepted informally the the rent would always be a couple of weeks after the due date.

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you are moving ahead with the date so you will owe 29th to 7th . It is not a freebie for those days

Don’t know who was asking for a freebie but ok!

HI Maria, yes your landlord’s calculation is correct, but if he is charging £489 I would ask him what the extra £29:73 is for.

Lovely I appreciate the response back

Unless I’m mistaken, a tenant isn’t overdue with rent until the end of the current month, even if the TA says ‘monthly in advance on the nth’. So you could just pay from any date in the month. I generally set the payment date to be the date the tenancy started and agree informally with the tenant that they pay for the month when they get paid themselves. Can’t get blood from a stone and means the property is let more quickly so I’m not losing income.

Thats not the case. The rent is due on the dates specified in the contract and if the contract is silent, the last day of each tenancy period.

Yes, it’s due, but I think the tenant is only overdue for section 8 purposes at the end of the rental period, as tenant has to be 2 months behind. So there isn’t much a LL can do except live with it or issue a S21 at the end of the fixed period. Happy to be corrected.

It’s a bit like firms saying invoices have to be paid EOM and being made to wait longer.

I think youre confusing two things. The default position in tenancy law is that rent is due at the end of each period. However, almost all tenancy agreements amend this position by requiring it to be paid in advance. This then becomes the due date and if the rent is paid just one day after the date the contract requires, the landlord could serve a valid s8 notice under ground 10.

Thank you for that clarification. I was looking at Ground 8. It does seem that Ground 10 could be applied and also Ground 11.

She doesn’t appear to be charging you any kind of fee, just asking you pay the rent due for the period

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