Contacting tenants to increase rent - first time, so any suggestions?

Hey. I’ve been letting for years now but weirdly never levied a rent increase on existing tenants (mainly because the tenant were ‘refreshed’ regularly).

The rent is way way off market, and the current mortgage hellscape has reluctantly led me to this - they’re good tenants but I need to remain profitable.

My AST is robust but is there any specific wording within my email to them that I should include to ensure there’s a little recourse as possible should they throw a wobbly? I’m experienced enough to resist their complaints but always aim for an amicable resolution if I can

Advice / experience appreciated!


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I have just done this. I firstly approached them in the usual way we communicate (in this case, text) to say I proposed a rent increase of x amount with 2 months notice.
I got a little pushback so negotiated a slightly lesser amount, whilst reminding them that costs have increased for everyone and that a small rent rise was fair. Thankfully, I was not trying to give them a big rise as it was only a year into the tenancy.
Then, because I have Rent Now through OpenRent it was very easy.
If you don’t have Rent Now then you can issue a section 13 form (available on


Thanks for responding @Steve11

I found them thru OR but the AST is my own document. Didn’t know I needed to issue a Section 13, so will look that up.

The problem is that the rise is quite significant - about 20% as its a property in London. And I need to acheive a specifiic figure in order to cover my costs, etc. They’ve been in the flat since August 2021 so there’s been minimal scope to increase the rent during that time (the initial 1 year contract, then the last 6 months where the world has gone mad - thanks Liz Truss).

I dont think they’ll agree, and I cant really afford to negotiate so sense I’ll be readvertising :frowning:

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Be prepared I proposed a small increase of £50 pcm September 2022
when Tenants contract was due to end In Nov 2022 he flatly refused and as such I served a sect 21. He refused to vacate and I served a Sect 13 rent increase from Jan 2023 he’s now in rent arrears.

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Yikes. Sorry to hear that

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@gypsymoth In exactly the same situation! Have been charging £695 for 6 yrs to a lovely family which have really been looking after my house. She sadly divorced but has stayed on with her children and has managed to stay with benefit help for paying the rent. The tenancy is now rolling month to month and has expired as we weren’t able to renew on the Openrent site a few years ago and remove her partner (I realise now this has been updated and is possible to do so now!) To be financially viable and afford the extortionate new mortgage price I will have to propose a rate of £995/mth which is more reflective of the market. Any tips from your findings? Delivery of the letter in person? Other experts: is a section 13 form also needed if the tenancy has expired and is rolling?
Any advice or help is much appreciated
Thanks Alice.


that will be a shock to her .i would go there personally to guage reaction


Not contacted them yet but will email them. The email uses kind wording, nothing too heavy. They wont like the message and I’m expecting to have to do the Section 13.

Good luck

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Thanks to all for the great advice. Ended up texting her to ask if could visit (how we normally contact) and delivered the form in person. She was worried I was evicting her! She understands and doesn’t want to leave so is contacting the local Council as she’s in receipt of housing benefit. Still have 30 days until the “date” so still waiting to see the outcome. Unfortunate as the mortgage has already had one of its increases. The next increase is in next few weeks.

Have had an issue with her ex partner wanting the deposit back (!?) but will ask this Q on a different topic page.

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