Contract Change

Contracts have been signed, awaiting deposit/first months rent. The contract start date isn’t for a few months.

One of the tenants wishes to withdraw and has found a replacement. What’s the best way of incorporating this change?

With ongoing tenancies I’ve just done a separate deed of assignment. But I notice OpenRent has a “contract contract” feature. Would I be able to use this for that?
The first step of “contract change” seems to notify the current tenants, but not sure what the system allows for after that.

Im sure Openrent will help you with this, but I would suggest that its a bad idea to sign a tenancy agreement so far in advance of the tenancy. It places eihher you or the tenant in breach of contract if there is a change of circumstances and that can be costly.

signing a contract months ahead is quite a risk What if there is a fire ?/ The tenant pulls out ? any number of probs

There isn’t this option yet as the status is still “awaiting full deposit and rent”. The contract is due to start on 14th September.

For those wondering, it’s a student contract and it’s standard practice for these to be signed up several months before.


My son signed his for September anout last October!! It was before they got wise to the gas and electric price hikes so he got his cheaper than those signing up later!

Its poor practice, common amongst student landlords and I speak as a former student landlord. This is what holding deposits were invented for.

Hi @R115,

Thanks for your question.

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