COVID-19 Contract renewal

Hi, I am a tenant whose contract is due to expire on the 1st of May. I already have a new flat lined up to move to, but my new landlord has been very reasonable and allowed me to only sign the contract and decide on a move-in date once the lockdown is lifted.

Given that the lockdown may extend past the 1st of May, I need to come to an agreement with my current landlords to extend my contract periodically, until things can get going again. I would prefer to have the contract renewed every two weeks, but my landlords are requesting me to do that monthly, which is unfortunate, because I might end up paying rent for two places for a month. I could argue that two weeks gives more flexibility for both parties, as none of us risks either paying for two places for too long or having the flat empty for a whole month. What are landlords generally doing under these circumstances? Is there a standard contract that anyone drew up to cover legal issues under the current restrictions? The notice period clause would need to be modified to be more flexible given the situation.