COVID 19 - HMRC Job Retention Scheme

Good morning,

Published yesterday please see below HMRC’s links for employees and employers regarding the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Also the link to self employed guidance.
I would suggest reading all of the guides.

This info has helped provide an understanding of what salary my “Furloughed” tenants are likely to be entitled to. For more than three weeks now I am, and have been, actively liaising with them and their employers to find a fair solution for each case. Constantly reassuring them that it is my intention to help and provide them with full support in respect of their tenancies and homes.
My self employed tenant’s situations are a little more complicated and I am finding that by chatting with them openly about their predicaments we are beginning to reach amicable arrangements by way of understanding each others needs.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and I am finding good communication and offering help and support in all areas are making things at this very difficult time less worrying for all concerned.


Stay safe and best of luck to all!

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Thank you Tim. Stay safe.