Deposit - Notice Period Not Given


I have had Tenants leave without giving me the required notice… I have agreed to take back the keys for safe keeping and they have vacated the property but I have made it clear (in emails) that they are responsible for the bills up to and including the 12th April. I have however, waivered the rent (I was happy they were leaving tbh) I did state that if I could find suitable Tenants before the 12th April I would notify them and the utility Companies/Council Tax.

They haven’t acknowledge the emails stating they are responsible up to and including the 12th April. But as they only gave me notice in writing on the 12th March (which I have documented)

My Question is do I release their Deposit now or on/after the 12th April? I do need to make deductions as they left the flat dirty with heavily stained carpets etc But not sure when to approach the DPS?

Kind Regards

You may be able to work out the bills and just add them to the proposed deduction from the deposit. Given what you’ve agreed, its basically one month of the utilities standing charge. You should check with the Council Tax office, but I think they normally take the full year’s payment over the ten months from April to Jan, so there may only be the first 12 days of April to pay there.

So do I instigate the Deposit now or on the 12th April?

When the tenancy ends on 12th April