Do I need an HMO?

Hello, my first post.
I have 3 nurses who are friends from the same hospital who want to rent my flat. I’m going to ask for a holding deposit from the main contact on Open Rent.

If she sends the deposit, I will have a tenancy check on all of the nurses as well as a Right to rent check on all three.
If all ok I’ll create a tenancy agreement with the main person from Open Rent.

My question do I need an HMO ?

Thanks for any help



Hi @David169 - Thanks for posting.

We have a help centre article on this topic that you might find useful:

It’s also worth being aware of selective and additional licensing requirements. You can find more information on licensing more generally here:

Yes, your property will be an HMO. Whether it would need a licence would depend if your local authority area has introduced an Additional Licensing scheme. Even if it doesn’t need a licence, you would still have to abide by the HMO Management Regulations 2006.

What do you mean by “I’ll create a tenancy agreement with the main person”? Its likely that they will want all 3 people named as tenants on the contract.

Thanks, Daz, looking at that calculator I don’t, but I need to be sure.

I have an HMO five residents and live in it. Just avoided having to huge electrical change fitting AFDD mandatory since late September 2022. Before next five year certificate I will close the business enough is enough though continue to live in this large house selling not an option given capital gains tax liability. HMO properties in recent years considered most viable buy to let option no longer the case,many up for sale. Constant imposition of costly new regulations will lead to more and more room renters living in often overcrowded unregulated houses.


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