End of agreement


My tenancy agreement ends on July 1st. The tenants said two months ago that they wanted to leave in September when I proposed to raise the rent. However, they now say they want to leave as soon as possible thus giving me no notice at all. As I have them on email saying they’d stay until September am I entitled to one months rent when they leave?

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They have given some notice. Does your agreement say that it ends on 1st July unless they stay on. Or does it say that it continues monthly after July 1st unless they give notice. If so how much notice does it say? In some cases notice can vary depending on how often rent is paid.

I told them it would roll on a monthly basis after July, and they were welcomed to stay on but rent would rise from October. They then replied they wanted to stay on until September. It was in an email so I have proof. But out of nowhere today they said they wanted to leave ASAP.

It doesnt matter what they or you said. @lucinda5 question is key. If this is a fixed term tenancy, then they are entitled to leave at the end of it without notice. If they are on a contractual periodic tenancy then they must serve notice to end it, as per the tenancy agreement, which they can do after the initial term ends.

But if they hadn’t said they were going to stay on until September I would have spent the past month finding new tenant. Now they’ve changed their mind I’m going to have a void period.

such is life Welcome to the landlords world… Worse things happen at sea

What they said is irrelevant. They changed their minds.

Hi am trying to find out details from my old landlord avron that’s his first name I left I property 2 years ago roughly when I split from my partner now I have received a water bill that he hasn’t paid when he left the property and I need proof when I took my name off the tenancy any one help me