Essential Landlord Update: October 2018

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Next week could be scary for landlords! No, we don’t mean Halloween… It’s time for the Budget, and landlords are worried they’re going to see more regulation. More on that below, but first your monthly landlord update. Database of Rogue Landlords Completely Empty The Government has compiled a list of landlords who knowingly flout their…

Hi Sam,

I’m not sure if I’m both deaf and blind, but I don’t recall seeing anything property related in the budget. Please advise both myself and all your readers whether there was anything in the budget concerning the PRS or not.


Hi Mike, no there was very little in there that relates to housing. I wouldn’t take this as meaning the PRS has fallen down the agenda, however. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment e.g. in the Lords or at the committee level, but no new major measures in the Budget this time.