Extending my lease with Hammersmith council

I have owned the lease of a 3rd floor 3 bed flat in a council block for 14 years

I now (given demise of corvid!) wish to start considering selling

The remaining lease term is 86 years-long enough,but,short enough to cause concern

I understand the leasehold reform housing and urban dev act 1993 makes this easier -and less expensive

However councils are slow and unhelpful

Im looking initially for expert legal advise -
on costs
on process

If your a lawyer,or, in a legal clinic and happy to give initial expert advice free please letstalkand see if we can work something out


Doctor David Noble

Im not a lawyer and I doubt you will find one on here willing to offer what youre asking. However, it has always been possible for a leaseholder of more than 2 years standing to extend a lease on statutory terms of 99 years with a peppercorn ground rent. In your shoes I wouldnt worry about it and would just sell as is. Its above the 80 year threshold for Marriage Value, (which I understand may be abolished anyway) and you can always offer to begin the process of lease renewal yourself and pass that on to the new buyer. It wont cost you anything and it avoids the 2 year wait for the buyer. You should get full market value or close to it if you sell now.