Extra electric charges relating to repairs


So two things. First, I had a leak and had to have the chimney re built. The dehumidifier had to be plugged in for over a month. Can I claim this cost back from the landlord ?

Then my heating broke, it’s go fixed but soon realised that I couldn’t switch it off. I have oil and this would have used a considerable amount of oil. Can I claim back for the costs?

Thanks for taking the time to help

there must be a way to turn the oil heating off There has to be an electric switch for the pump I had oil heating and there was a switch for mine

Why are you getting these repairs done yourself? You should be reportig them to the landlord for him to repair.

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The two issues raised are the landlord’s responsibility, why did you take them on. Also, with regards to the oil heating, you must have been able to either switch it off at the control panel itself or directly from the boiler. Lastly, there is also the thermostat that could have been lowered to “whatever” temp.