Guarantor check on property ownership

Does anyone know if the referencing check for a guarantor is any different than for a tenant? i.e. does it check to see if they specifically own a property or not? (If a tenant owns a property would this always come up on a referencing check?) Thanks in advance

This has just come up on a guarantor referencing I have had done via rent guard

So yes is the answer

This guarantor is currently the owner of a property subject to a mortgage. The guarantor has been confirmed at the current address. The guarantor has been confirmed at the previous address.
Length of time stated at address: Confirmed at current address: Confirmed at previous address:
2 years 2 months

Great thank you. One of the prospective tenants said they own a property as well, however on the credit report there was no mention of this property , do you know if any mortgaged properties linked to a tenant would show up at all ?

If they have a mortgage and own / share a property then any mortgage payment and rental from it should show up on a bank statement. You can find out from Land registry if they REALLY own anything

Thanks . I believe the guarantor is retired so perhaps don’t have any mortgage payments, I wondered if they did a check on ownership like requesting title deeds as part of the guarantor check but I have the name so I could check against that and the address