Guarantor Musts - Help!

Hi all,

We are new here and desperate to find a 3 bed home in Gloucester for myself, partner and 2 daughters due to extremely poor current home.

We viewed a property via open rent and would love to take the leap and let it!

This is our first time private renting, as we have been in this HA flag for 12 years.

We have been upfront with the landlords, as without a doubt we will fail the credit check! :pensive:

We do have a few options for a guarantor, which the land lord is happy to do.

What must a guarantor be?!

I know UK based…
But should they be working? If so, on what income? Age? Relationship? Etc etc

Any help much appreciated

Many thanks

A guarantor must be able to fully pass the credit checks standing alone hence they need to not just earn enough but also be able to afford the rent as they may have their own mortgage / rent etc

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Thank you for the reply Andrew.

My Guarantor is retired, but does own her own property. I am worried because she is retired, that she may not be a suitable Guarantor.

I know so little about this, I’m new to it all - it’s all a learning curve for me, so appreciate the time :blush:

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A guarantor will be treated as the actual tenant for all checks.
I doubt anyone would accept a guarantor whom doesnt have a job, would need to have a massive pension to qualify.

Salary x2 to match the rent as a Absolutely minimum requirement is where you need to start looking.

A guarantor/tenant does not have to have a job to pass the OpenRent credit criteria. We have a retired tenant who demonstrated sufficient income/savings to satisfy there requirements. If the guarantor is a home owner (without a massive mortgage) I would suggest they were a good bet.
Good luck

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Hi Rebecca,

This Help Centre article may be helpful but I’ll also try and tackle your questions.

Guarantors have to be UK based. They have to be able to afford the rent if the tenants stop paying it. They can be any age and have any relationship to the tenant.


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Thanks Sam

What’s the deal if a third party agreed to pay the rent? Let’s say a mum and kids move into the property, mum by herself would not pass the affordability check but grandparents (i.e. the mum’s parents and kids’ grandparents) agree to pay the rent and pass all the necessary referencing checks? The grandparents are not tenants as they are not living in the property and they are not guarantors as they are actually paying the rent every month. What kind of contracts are needed?