Holding deposit house selling

Recently viewed a property that was up for rental and for sale. Met the agent last week and he told us the landlord was keen for a long term let which was ideal for us so we told the agent we would take the property.

After going into the agents and filling out the relevant forms and and a holding deposit, two days later I had a call informing me that they had received a offer for the sale of the property and the owners want to give the other person buying till the 19th of this month to secure a mortgage. Frustrating is a understatement after viewing so many properties you think you have found the one that ticks all your boxes.

Anyone else had this issue? We are not sure weather to stick around and wait till the 19th or continue to look for a property

I would be inclined to get my money back till the landlord decides what to do. If a mortgage offer is awaited that tells me what the landlord really wants to do

Hi Martin, recommend checking this out. Might be of interest.


To speak to this specific situation, I personally would not wait around and would start looking again. Very frustrating I know.

But check that paper out. If you agree with the author then you might want to explore the legal options available.


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