Holding Deposit refund request

I have placed a holding deposit on a property, and the landlord has removed the property from market, and has asked me to approve referencing. Unfortunately, I do not want to go along with this property any longer. How can I get my holding deposit back?

Tell the landlord immediately that you are not going ahead, so a referencing exercise is not needed.

Provided you have been honest so far, and not signed a contract, you should get your money back.

Look up what you can on the OpenRent website, or write to Open Rent who should reply within a few working days, asking how to get your money and to confirm the following statement:
“a holding deposit effectively reserves the place, limited to 1 weeks’ worth of rent, held for up to 15 days unless both parties agree to an extension of time in writing, resulting in the property coming off the market while the tenant is checked out and the paperwork drawn up.”

I suspect the landlord or you need to press some buttons not website to initiate a return of your deposit.

If the landlord has already started the referencing then he/she is out of pocket. Speak to them quickly as if you pull out it is possible you will forfeit the holding deposit, and tbh I would not blame them if they kept it.
You have wasted time, other potential applicants have been put off and this all means money lost for them
Next time, be sure before you place a HOLDING deposit (the clue is in the name). If it was a “hang on while I make my mind up” deposit then that would be different.


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