Housing association officer wants to extend s21 date

hi all,

so as ive given a s21 to my tenant for refusing to pay s13 (rent increase) i got a call from the housing association officer as its nearing the s21 eviction date, which is monday

they said i legally need to extend the eviction date to dec, i asked why and they said my tenant needs time to look for another property (i imagine they are trying to look for another property for them instead of my tenant),

but i gave the tenant the s21 2 months ago, so they have had plenty of time to find a new property, so i imagine there trying to delay it as much as possible and thats why they are asking for the extension but do i have to legally obide by what the officer says or can i just go ahead with the eviction?


go ahead with your plans .the H A officer is not on your side


thanks Colin, i thought it was just scaremongering as well, just want to be sure

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A section 21 doesn’t legally end a tenancy. It needs to be enforced by courts which would take well beyond December so if tenant wants to stay till december they are correct you can’t legally evict before december. You dont need to extend the section 21 (assuming it was valid)

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so if they want to stay till end of dec my s21 is still valid or do i need to send another s21 to my tenant

so i need to legally let the tenant stay in the property until the date the HA officer has said

even tho she hasnt paid the rent increase, can she still legally stay till dec?

its not aquestion of IF they want to stay .You want to evict ASAP? So continue with your course of action which MAY have to go to court anyway if they do not leave

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The H A officer does not have power over you. You do not have to do what he says.


thanks colin but when richard said i cant carry on with the eviction, its contradictory into what you said

Your section 21 remains valid. You have 4 months to start court proceedings after s21 expiry date. I’m not saying delay starting court proceedings but yes they can legally stay until.they are evicted by courts which could take 6 months depending on court backlogs…

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There You go are you in a Landlord association? nrla?

How long a landlord ?

my post is awaiting approval from moderator, sorry i did reply but its pending

Same thing happened to me when I used capitals for the n r l a

im not with a landlord association, is that a good one to join

been a landlord since 2020 i think, i had a previous tenant before this

I joined them many years ago and they give advice to members and hold 2 or three free meetings a year in multiple regions . The members fee is tax deductable

ok thanks i will evict the tenant then as the HA officer is just trying to delay it just for the tenant to find a new property then?

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Got it in one . Carry on with the process . Is this local council houseing association officer?

yes, its the local one

Thought so . You cannot trust what they say . They will want to keep the tenant out of their hands for as long as possible, probably because they do not have enough accomodation. They likely will tell the tenant (un officially) to wait till baliffs evict him So if you pushback your s21 you are poss pushing back eviction day, which may end up as a court order

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bingo exactly what they did they said to the tenant “they advised” they can stay in the property until the balifs come, so i said to the office thanks, so you just said to the tenant you can stay in the property, i was pissed…

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