How can I update my listed date?

My advert went “stale” and needs re-writing so I have unlisted it.

If I relist it for “free” will it show with the original listed date? (I worry tenants will think there is a problem if it hasn’t rented after all this time.)

I’m happy to pay for a whole new advert as I want to update the wording a lot as I keep getting unsuitable enquiries as people don’t seem to read the advert or restrictions. (e.g. there is only one parking space and that is in a garage. If your car is bigger than a Golf it won’t fit. This is physics and there is nothing I can do about it :slight_smile:

I’ve had good experiences with open rent so keen to reuse just want my listing to look fresh even if I have it off the market for a week or two. Thanks for any advice.

Hi Paul, I don’t believe you can manipulate it like that. Worth checking with OpenRent.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your post!

I can see one of the team have already responded to your email, if you have any more questions about it just let us know.