How do you check rents in a small area

is there a public register to check how much others are paying to rent. maybe to say the postcode less the last letter?

i need to put up the rent but i know i will get resistance so need to build a good case.
they aren’t looking after the property just thru neglect really so they need to start paying a market rent, previously we only did minimal inflation increases but the gap has grown significantly between that and a true market rent

just look at the estate agent window in your area

or Rightmove/Zoopla/Gumtree…

I live on a complex of 8 buildings, we have a Facebook group and people post what their rent is there… Might be worth seeing if there’s something local where your property is. For reference the last few people to post their new rent on our group are paying significantly less than what the property was listed for on rightmove (so I don’t know if adverts will help you).

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