How to send pre tenancy questions to prospective tenant

I am a new landlord and have listed my first property. How do I send my own pre-tenancy questions to the tenant before I arrange a viewing? And what format do they need to be in?

Many thanks

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When they request a viewing just ask them the questions you want to ask. I send a message back thus…Before I arrange a viewing I need to ask a few questions , Do you have any children? ( Pick any questions you want to ask) Is this just for yourself? Are you in work? How old are you? Do you smoke? Do you have any pets? Are you o k with a reference check? Some will not reply and there is your answer . Delete them . There are a lot of chancers out there. Keep the faith… after you have done this for a while you will realise why I say this


Hi @maz.m, you can find instruction on how to set up auto-reply and screening questions here!

Let me know if that’s not clear so I can make it better in future :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I have managed to work it out. So simple when you know how!

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I’m trying to figure out how to use the pre-screening facility. The blog here implies you can set up a series of questions that are passed to interested prospects. But it’s not clear how you ask such questions. The “default screening” button turns on something (which seems to be based on the tick-list preferences) and the “tenant auto-reply” seems to be intended for generic text.

How do you ask the type of questions in the linked blog?

Hi Colin,

I’ve been trying to find your infamous list of questions!! But can’t. It was mentioned on a few threads but I can’t find in my searches. I’ve had very bad experiences since COVID w tenants being super savvy & landord haters. Never had before COVID. I’m scared to death ti rent my property out again because of this plus Sally’s “dilapidation” case. Tenants are armed with knowledge to create criminal acts against landlords knowing there’s not much we can do!

My flats are super nice and extremely well maintained.

I’m now being brutal & have written in my ad under description:

Please do not request a viewing if you will not pass the credit check which includes:

In order to pass credit checks, you must not have ccj’s or bad debt. You must earn a salary 3x the rent. The landlord has done a rent check & it’s saying you must earn £43,500.00 pcy. This is an extremely high spec flat. If you can not afford it, please do not request a viewing.

You can do an affordability check at: rentright

I Require evidence that you can afford the rent prior to doing checks.

Will you be able to confirm:

  • Date moving in?
  • How many people will move into the property?
  • What is your relation to any co-tenants?
  • What is your annual income?
  • Can you provide a guarantor if required?
  • Can you provide past landlord references not related to you?
  • Absolutely no pets
  • Absolutely no smoking in the flat

What questions am I missing? Or can you point me to your list? And is this perfectly legal? I’m not rejecting DSS I’m just pointing out the affordability. Can I reject ccjs outright? They will not pass a credit check.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Kind regards,


I’d add:

  • where are you living now/before? Ever paid rent?
  • why are you moving?
  • whats your job and how long for?
  • do you have a right to rent in the uk?
  • any concerns about the rent/deposit?
  • any concerns about referencing/credit checks etc

Just a tip I have learnt rather than say sing no pets no smoking I pose these as questions are you a smoker? Do you have pets? If so what? I find that tenants who intend to deceive me about these areas are willing to answer as they feel there is a chance I will take them. With a flat out blank I have in the past had people hide their pets until I discovered them on Facebook etc
My questions are
What are your full names?
What are the ages of those intending to reside at the property?
What is the relationship between those intending to reside?
What are the jobs of those intending to reside at the property?
Are these roles full time/part temporary/permanent?
How long have these roles been held?
What is the annual income of each intending to reside?
Will the rent be subsidised in any way? If so how?
Are any of the applicants smokers?
Do you have any pets? If so what?
Are you able to provide a reference from a previous landlord?
Are you able to provide a guarantor if requested?
Are you happy to complete full and comprehensive referencing?
If any of these questions are left unanswered I will assume you no longer require a viewing and will not progress any further with your enquiry.

Lots of good questions above me here I always say I am going to ask you a lot of questions, you do not have to answer if you do not want to, but if you do not i will not consider you… Is it for yourself only? Where do you work? CanI haveyour employers address to contact him? Do you have children? Do you have any CCJ S ? Do you have a car .? . How many pets do you have? Have you rented before ? If so can I have the address of previous landlord? Where did you live before? How much do you earn? Can you prove that? Are you able to provide a gurrantor? … I say to them, I.You can ask me any question you like also ,APART from how much I earn !! Ifwe want to know about them then they will want to know about us… Keep a lookout thru the window . Are they driven up… does an odd character turn up with them but waits outside. Do they put a fag out 20 feet away and so on

Thanks everyone. This has really helped.

The flat I’m currently renting I live right next door to so don’t think they can get away with having a pet I do get it but maybe I should just ask the question instead of stating

Amy, no don’t assume, lot happened under our nose for 10 yrs at a property we let out which we passed by daily. Subletting, changing appliances without consent, breaking a brick fence, putting gravel, etc to name a few. At inspections no sign of subletter and did not report repairs needed, when we eventually got rid of him somehow, he claimed in excess of 10000 pounds at DPS with false documents, hell on earth for me. He was huge and knew where we live etc, worried I just accepted the wrong decision in his favour re deposit. It turns out on possession we had to spend thousands of pounds.

Oh dear. Sorry to hear this. I definitely want out of letting!! Do you have any issues now that you are more savvy? I’ve been letting for 10 years but just one flat. Then 3 starting in covid. That’s when things got weird with people on combined incomes of 85k between 3 people still in employment trying on the covid rent reduction, one guy lying about his income to RENTGUARD & not paying final months rent, just took off but weirdly lives right next door now! I was going to take him ti court as he left place in disrepair but with Sally’s story I think I should just forget it because I think he would be entitled to free legal aid. I think it’s a plan ti get me to take him ti court so he can make all sorts of claims. I need to get out. It’s too stressful. These are very middle class people doing this with wealthy family.

My best tenants are those who do not talk the talk and go on and on and on talking . The ones who are quiet and sort of nervous about an interview and dare I say “humble” have been my best and truthfull

more savvy not sure, as you learn all the time. If any one tries to take undue advantage, I point to the contract.

Yes but sallys case is nuts. How on earth did tenants get away with it? I know it’s different in some ways because it was done through the council but the legal stuff is crazy!

My tenant left £900 arrears and 2.5 damage. Thank m now worried ti take him to court because last years income was only 6kish through his company which he got a reference for stating he earned 25k. Yet he bought the property next door (or his girlfriend did?) for 250k!

cash earner? cash payments to buy properties under the table, believe it or not still exists

No think he’s fiddled A buy to let. He already has a buy to let through the mortgage works. He’s a total scammer

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