Increasing Rent

My tenants have been in place since 2015 and I have not increased the rent since this time. However, I now wish to increase the rent and I’m wondering how to go about this. A few questions:
Do I need any sort of specific form to issue to them or can the notification simply be given informally in an e-mail for example?
Does there need to be a minimum period of notice before the rent increases?
Does the rent increase need to be in line with any local authority guidelines, or local rents, or in line with a ‘fair rent’? If so, how do I go about getting an idea of what increase is considered ‘reasonable’ and in line with these sorts of things?

You first need to check whether your tenancy agreement has a rent review clause. If it does, then you will have to follow what it says. If not, then you have two choices. If you think the tenant will pay without objection then you could deal with it informally. I would say that this is the best way to deal with it initially. You just give them the new rent amount with a month’s notice. Once they start paying it, it becomes binding. If you are not sure of their reaction, then you could serve them with a section 13 notice, also with one month’s notice, (assuming your tenancy period is monthly).

With regard to the amount, you can increase it by as much as you feel is appropriate and there are no Council/Gov’t restrictions in England. If the tenant is unhappy with the increase, they can appeal to the First Tier Tribunal for a determination, but unless its way beyond the local market rent, the Tribunal won’t interfere. I usually increase by about 3%pa, but it depends how far behind the average you are now.

Bear in mind if you try to “catch up” on increasing rent to current values too quickly then you may outprice them. A void will cost you dearly.
Best to give a small increase initially then grade it upwards over the next couple of years if they are good tenants. Better the devil you know, often.


thanks Steve, that’s great. Just what i was thinking

thanks David, much appreciated.
Do you know of a place i can get a pro forma for a section 13 notice, just in case?
TBH i think they’ll be happy with a small increase dealt with informally

Here: Assured tenancy forms - GOV.UK

You want Form 4

many thanks David.
As it turns out, both tenants have just responded affirmatively to our proposed rent increase so that’s good news