Is the guarantor void if the guarantor moves in with tenant?

My tenant is trying to get out of her tenancy agreement earlier than the break clause allows. She says that the contract is void because the guarantor was living in the rented property with her. I have seen that a guarantor cannot be a tenant but I (the landlord) was unaware that the guarantor was her boyfriend and was intending to move into the property with her. I would very much appreciate any advice.

She is the one in the wrong and her tenancy is not void. Even tho she deceived you

Hi Dean, what to do next depends on what you want to happen. Would you like the tenant to stay in the property, paying rent? I don’t think that the tenancy is ‘void’ because a guarantor is living in the property, so I suspect that they (both) will still be liable to pay the rent until the tenancy is ended.

Hello, I have a question, as I am only a new landlord, the second time looking for a tenant , I have a potential tenant who has been working all his life. but his is on fix term contract. He said his father will be his guarantor, I was wondering if this sounds alright and what do I need to do to reference a guarantor and what documents to I need to see?
Thank you all for your help

Sung you should start your own thread as it will get very confusing if people try to reply to both you and Dean8 in the same thread.