Is this Tax looking alright?

I am trying to check if the following tax looks alright to submit to HMRC when it comes to it. I know I should always consult with a tax advisor or accountant, but before I do that, would love to have some knowledgeable eyes to look over it.

Annual Gross Profit: £18,000
Expenses: £2864.12
Allowance(Mortgage Relief): £1,135.09
Tax: £1,892.09 ((Gross-Expenses)*20%) - Allowance
Net Profit: £13,243.79

Does the total tax look alright to you?

Thank you!

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you are putting your accounts on the net for the world to see ?

You don’t know if the figures are made up here right?

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If you use the HMRC online self assessment process, it will calculate everything for you. You can do this without submitting the return if you just want to check the figures.

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Check the relief on mortgage interest.
The rules have changed

No mortgage relief anymore. Not for yonks

You get 20% effective relief as an add-back toward the end of the return.

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