Landlord asking for a guarantor even though we will be paying the full rent in advance

Have you ever thought what is fair and unfair the good
landlords and they need money to for bread and butter
and pay bills.

Let’s just think when anyone goes and stay in hotels
and or rent a car and need to provide the credit card for guarantee and if you don’t even paid full for rental
and then you don’t get it.
So it’s just that simple to understand.

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My parents are willing to be guarantors but because there pension is paid into a UK bank account but live in Spain they cannot be guarantors and my sister lives in NZ so cannot either so have no one, and even though can offer 6 months up front its impossible even though I have sufficient income to pay the rent. Some agents are saying income has to be NET not GROSS, but online says GROSS salary before tax. Am homeless next week going into storage and staying with a friend and her family with my cat as council have no housing either. Its scarey.


What area are you looking for accommodation!? Also there is a guarantor scheme. One the landlords on here posted it…

There is no animosity here but eg. I have no experience of performing brain surgery. Would I walk up to a brain surgeon and tell him/her they were doing it wrong ? No.


For all tenants, this is about business risk. Legislative changes have sided with the tenant as some bad landlords messed it up for all of the good ones. That means tighter decisions are required by landlords when renting. Ways of reducing risk are multiple rents up front, increased vetting and references but these still leave considerable risks, most have bene identified. These risks can be reduced further by a guarantor with their own home and good financial vetting. Even if the guarantor loses their job, they have assets with the property. This is why guarantors are required, its nothing to do with being personal , unfair - it’s business pure and simple.

So with ever changing legislation get yourself a guarantor or some form of legal back up you can use with the landlord to support your application. If you cannot, be ready for a limited number of landlords who will take a business chance on you.


Regarding your question about the guarantor contract you and the guarantor will be given a copy to read before you agree and sign.

If you are unsure what it will entail and what you/the guarantor will be liable for, maybe seek legal advice for understanding and peace of mind.

If you are honest, trustworthy and genuine, then you have nothing to worry about. Or, more to the point, your guarantor has nothing to worry about, since they would only be held liable if you, the tenant defaulted on any debt.
I don’t see what you don’t understand about a landlord wishing to secure his position as much as possible, when you as prospective tenants don’t meet the requirements.
The landlord has a major investment and responsibility to consider when renting a property. The tenant has virtually none.
You clearly have no idea what is involved in being a landlord, in particular the huge risks associated therewith, especially considering the restrictive legislation, biased legal circumstances and bond companies. I suggest you educate yourself on the subject before entering into a debate with such an opinionated attitude.


When you see FB posts of your tenants holidaying in Thailand, both of them covered in head to toe with tattoos, and you see their kids on top end motocross bikes (in full kit), and then yet more photos of daddy tenant posing in the boxing ring, diamond earring and tattoos gleaming - and then even more photos of him posing in front of his new Audi parked outside your house, and yet all the time he and his wife are in arrears, never paying on time, always looking to skip a month (conveniently every December and August) … and then Covid comes and they simply stop paying altogether… whilst you still have the mortgage to pay, the landlord insurance, the site fees, the gas and electric safety… My tenants have always been able to afford to pay, but they see me as a free overdraft and their luxury lifestyle as a priority. Who in their right mind invests their entire life savings into a rental property only to have complete strangers so this to them? Oh yes, the greedy landlord.


Why are they still living there?


Yes suspicious distrusting idiot landlords have answered! :rage:

Business risk? More like how long will it take for my tenants to pay off my mortgage so l can retire early with my nice little nest egg put by?! :roll_eyes:

Be real @Tara3 Being a landlord is a business.

Would you go to work for nothing? Would you go to a job where you are forced to work but your employer has stopped paying you and you can’t leave?

Would you run a shop where the customers can just walk out with the goods without paying, or run round and damage your stock, but the law says that’s ok?

That’s what it is like being a landlord with a bad tenant: they don’t pay, you can’t get them to leave and yet you still have to uphold your side of the bargain and do repairs/gas certs etc. Meanwhile, you are still paying the mortgage, insurance etc.

That is why landlords are careful who they let to: the law is so heavily weighted towards the tenant. (Not saying I disagree with that, mostly, because at the end of the day, it is someone’s home we are talking about and there are bad landlords out there, just as there are bad tenants).

And, you don’t know the personal circumstances of any of the landlord on here to judge them.

For example, my 80+yo mum with dementia is in a care home. She worked hard all of her life and owned her own home. We rent out her home for her to enable her to pay her care home fees. All of her money goes on those care home fees. Without the rent from the house, she couldn’t pay the fees and eventually, the state would end up paying them. She never claimed state benefits in her life and would be devastated not to be paying her own way now.

You really need to get that chip off your shoulder - if you don’t have anything constructive to say, just don’t say anything rather than making snidey comments!


I feel a troll ban coming on @Tara3


A lot of resentful tenants regretting poor life decisions and blaming the landlord, as though they are all the devil. (Some tenants not all!)