Landlord harrasing and threatening

Hi I really need some advice please.( Let me explain briefly no in depth)

About my self - Living with two kids ( under 3 years) and my wife in a one bedroom flat. Doing shift work. Never missed a rent ,paying on time.

I moved to current property in October 2018.Next month I had a problem with tumble dryer. Spoke to Landlord (LL) he replaced it again it dint work.Around 4 to 5 times he brought some other tumble dryer still it dint do the job properly. I spoke to him next day he told me that he is not providing Rolls-Royce service and bullied me after that he warn me that he will give a notice. This all heppening one month after I moved in.
As a tenant you all know how hard it is to move home with kids. So I kept quite…
November he sent someone for inspection without asking my available time. Basically I need to be at home when ever he or his representative attend home. Until now he dint even ask permission to enter my home. He just sending a txt and knocking the door.
From march to May every two weeks he is knocking my door with another guy for inspection and sending message that if I don’t open the door he will open the doors with his key and come inside but I know this is a harrasement and crime.
Once he came with the guy for mould inspection he told LL that he can get rid of the mould but lots of chemical involvement in this work. My self and my wife heard what he was saying and we said to LL that we are not going to allow this work at home unless he find a alternative accommodation untill work finish or they can do this work after I moved out. ( How can I stay with my two kids at home when they do chemical work at home - if you do have kids you will understand my situation). When I spoke to LL he said that this chemical is not harm for anyone. When I asked what type of chemical they are planning to use then he is clueless. Anyway health and safety is first for my family.
Next day reached authorities for advice they asked me to sent an email to LL. After that he served me notice to vacate the property with in two month. One month passed he wants some one to show the property. He emailed me saying

“Per your contract you have been given notice of this visit
If you are not at home I will bring keys to allow myself in.
If you refuse to allow the viewing then this will be your second breach of contract and you will be liable for my loss of rent resulting from your refusal to allow viewings so I can relet the property following your exit from the property on 21st July 2019. If you do not believe me that I can recover my lost rent resulting from your refusal to allow viewings then I suggest that you urgently consult advice from a good Solicitor.”
As a shift worker I will be off in the evening so I can let him in. But I’m sure he will bring more people for viewing during my working hours. Then I will refuse him straight away. Also he never ever asked me date of my availability. He always wants me to adjust my self when he wants to visit which is impossible.

Can someone give me some legal advice for really dipressed.

Thank you

Hez you need to go to the citizen advice service. taking your lease agreement with you. Change your lock

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Hi Hez,

I’m so sorry to read this. I agree with Colin — definitely speak to Citizens Advice or Shelter ASAP.

It sounds like the landlord has done many things which are not permitted. These two resources will inform you of all the legal protections you have and advise on how best to use them in your situation.

Thank you Collin and Sam.