Landlord not returning agreed deposit

I wonder if you can help. I lived in my property for nearly three years. Landlord lost their job and home with it so I agreed to forgo the 6 month notice and do them a favour to move in with family. They inspected the house and agreed to return not only the DPS held deposit but the personal deposit I paid them. I’ve chased and chased but had nothing back. Can anyone help with what to do? I’m stuck with family until I get the money to rent elsewhere. Thanks

see a solicitor . First tell them this is what you will do


All deposits have to be registered
There is no such thing as a personal deposit
Do you have this in writing or evidence of monies transferred
You were, or should have been given a certificate, prescribed information and terms and conditions
Call your deposit provider and let them know they can guide you through the process to get your money back
If you want you can take legal
Action to get your deposit plus up to three times the amount back from them
Shelter can help as can CAB


Personal deposit ? What the heck Is that ?

There is nothing like personal deposit.

But if you have all proof in writing in black and white then you just contact DPS dispute team for deposit.

Also from my experience when tenants say they are doing favour to landlords then they are more thinking about themselves but this time in your case I am not sure if I am right or wrong as I would would like to see the facts and proof.

Contact the DPS and ask what the process is for forcing the return of your deposit when your landlord is doing nothing.

Incidentally, on what basis did you forgo the 6 month notice? Did they serve any kind of notice? Did you formally accept the notice? Or did you just let them move in with you? If it was the latter then they are your guest and you could simply change the locks whilst they are out of the house and refuse to re-admit them. At the very least, you could tell the landlord that they have no legal status to be there and that you are prepared to exclude them if they don’t return your deposits immediately.

Not sure if the poster meant that they moved out of the rental and moved in elsewhere with their own relatives?

Ah yes. That’s a possible interpretation.