Landlord Tax Relief petition currently nearing 20,000!

The Property Investor (another good site for Landlords) has today drawn attention to a petition / Landlord fight back - [Link appended] to the punitive tax measures currently being directed at UK Landlords these to remedy the Governments ever present economic woes. Whilst the government claims more and more tax, and with this money appears to be able to provide less and less public services, this including residential care which they have Ref. a past episode of BBC Panorama let the Offshore Investment leeches takeover and run, again requiring more and more life blood UK tax money again whilst delivering less and less. In considering this, as an on-shore UK Landlord operating under the auspices of HMRC you may wish to sign?
Reinstate tax relief allowing mortgage interest to be set against rental income - Petitions (

I wish it was better written.

“ now struggling to make any money from letting properties.”

A chance to illustrate the side effects of the removal of the relief ie rent increases etc and the actual consequences of LLs leaving the market.

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