Landlord taxation changes

Does anyone know if any landlord groups are presenting any objections to parliament about the current changes to landlord taxation? As landlords tend to be a dispersed and unrepresented group, it would be easy for government to pass legislation which penalises them, without recourse.

Hey @oitnb2017,

The Westminster landlord lobby is actually very strong!

The NLA, RLA, ARLA, etc. all lobby on behalf of landlords and the wider lettings industry, not to mention Kevin Hollinrake, Chairman and Founder of Hunters Estate Agents being on the Housing Select Committee, and around 20% of all MPs being landlords (a higher percentage within in-power the Conservative party).

The distribution of landlords is an interesting point. As we noted in our Feb newsletter, 48% of all properties are owned by landlords who only own one property. And 75% of landlords have never been a member of a professional organisation.

Nonetheless, the above groups are lobbying hard against policies perceived to be anti-landlord, e.g. Section 24 tax relief cuts.

If you’d like to see some of their objections, you can read their submissions to calls for evidence by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee on the Parliament website.

Thanks Sam. I’ll look at those.

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As a follow up to this, and to enable landlords to access one source for information, have there been any developments on the landlord taxation discussion to date?

Hi, I’m a fellow landlord and a long time member of the RLA and NLA landlords associations. These associations lobby and provide regular updates on these questions and also those questions you didn’t know also apply to your situation. Best to become a member and receive regular email or magazine updates. Find them online and join by either calling M-F 9-5 or paying online. Approx £85 per year and tax deductible. Members have a free advice line and free downloads for contracts and legal info for landlords. Meetings too, great to get to know other landlords. I hope this helps.