Letting without guarantor

Have you/would you ever let without a guarantor?

Have you ever let without asking for one?

What if a prospective tenant had an excellent history, top-notch references, which you have checked and in a very stable, well paid job with no other commitments/dependents/major outgoings?

I never ask for a guarantor

Thank you David.

Actually, I have never asked for one.

In reality, when push comes to shove, how beneficial/reliable are guarantors?

I rarely take on a guarantor. You need someone who is UK based, has sufficient, tangible assets, cash or income enough to cover their expenses as well as your tenant’s rent on a monthly basis. Depending on which part of the country you’re letting in, this can be a very big ask. Ultimately, would you be prepared to pursue them? In my view (letting in London) there is not much difference between a guarantor and a chocolate fireguard.

take the chocolate fireguard at least you can eat it

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Guarantor agreements dont usually survive rent increases or tenancy renewals. They are slso very easy to get wrong when being set-up. Having said that, there are certainly landlords and tenants that have benefitted from them.

I haven’t let with a guarantor yet (come close with students recently) but I’ve always been careful with checking bank statements and assessing affordability. I’ve seen a few worrying things like regular payments to gambling companies or odd large payments going in and out without a regular payment from work… if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Hope this helps!

Cost of RGI is thro the roof, I will always ask for a Property owner guarantor and if someone can provide it they are top of the list ,I get upto date legal forms from the NRLA being a member so I have little worry there.

What are LL’s experiences on having to call on guarantors to cover unpaid rent?

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