Loking for 2/3 bed house

I’m looking for 2/3 bed house to rent Walnut Tree,kents hill, caldecotte. Me and my partner both working. I have 2 children. Anybody can help?

How do people expect potential land lords to fall over themselves to rent to them when they provide the most basic of details

Are you working fulltime or part time
Where are you currently living and why are you leaving
How old are the children
What budget do you have to work.too
These are all (and lots besides i would imagine) questions a potential LL would be asking help yourself by giving them as much info (without divulging too much personal stuff in here)


My partner working in the Warehouse as full time. Me working 25hrs per week. Also i have few private house to clean. We living in Caldecotte mk7 for 6 years, my Daughter is 4 years son 7. Not pets no smoking

Good evening Everyone.I am looking for 3+5 bedroom house around B31/B38 in Birmingham
We are 8 in number ,4 Adults with 4kids.The 3 Adults are employed, works 46hours per week and more, Annual income for the three adults is over £70,000 ,while the fourth adult is my daughter in the university,also working 20hours in a week . Please it’s Urgent.There is a black Mould in our current house and the maintenance company said we have to move out as soon as possible because of the health of our family

Is this all one family? If not, then your requirement is a licensable HMO, (house in multiple occupation) that would also require planning consent for 8 occupants. This will seriously limit the number of properties available to you.

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