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Broken boiler? Changing the locks? Get help and give advice here!

Does anyone know agencies that do boiler servicing please?

Do we have any companies advertising on Open rent?

Thanking you in advance.

Hello, I live in the private rented flat. My boiler (worcester combi?) started making this intermittent whining sound 4 weeks ago. Plumber came out 3 weeks ago and he said the fan’s on its way out. Also the pressure is rising to a given value way faster than it ought to.

OK, my landlord says he’ll replace my boiler, but he seems to be taking his time! I have the boiler switched off the vast majority of the time, but the pressure gauge pointer is very slowly increasing all the time (when switched off).

My landlord has agreed to replace my boiler, I have no idea why I am waiting so long though! Is the boiler currently dangerous? And what should I do? I’m thinking of maybe giving up my flat due to the fact I effectively don’t have any hot water, but difficult to get somewhere else with this virus.