Many money why the sun shines

Hi ,
This is only hypothetical and interested in views and got the cells working in the brain

I currently rent a 3 bed for 1080 to tenants who have been there 3 years all ok !

So today I seen a exact copy of my house let for £1450 just down the road !

My question is give tenants a rent rise somewhere near , how much? Or issue sect 21 and get new tenants in. !

The tenants do moan but on the whole no to bad
I do base my rent on 11months as you get tenants in and out and fine 11 months is about right

Be interested in what ll think

You should base your rent on an average of 3 or 4 properties in the local area. Then if you can, minus 10% for good long term tenants. Raise the rent slightly every year to stay in touch with market rents. I like tenants that pay on time and don’t cause me too much hassle.


Firstly, an advert includes an asking rent and doesnt mean thats what it will achieve or even that this is the average market rent for your property.

Landlords evicting tenants just to get a rent increase is exactly why s21 is being banned. Of course you shouldnt evict good tenants. Offer them an affordable increase, say around 5%-7%.


well they may not get 1450 and it may stand empty a couple of months. look at others in the area first.
keep rent below full market rate to reduce turnover say 5-10%
on the face of it increase to 1230 which is half way and 15% reflecting rent rises in the area
i just did something similar mind you the tenants arent really taking care of the property so i dont care if they leave

Well I just remembered to post about the house near me that was on for 1450 , well I don’t a bit of digging and it went for 1475 ! And the LL was over whelmed with application !

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