Mortgage down valuation

Hello. Mortgage down valuation of 4k on a 90k purchase price. Does that even make sense? Mortgage valuation down by 4k ?

Yes. It is getting more common for mortgage providers to devalue a house. Prices have risen too quickly and many people are offering to pay more than they are worth. With interest rates set to rise and a reset of prices inevitable, the mortgage companies want to protect you and themselves.
Ditto a higher proportion of sales are falling through.

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Impossible to answer. Too many variables.

  • condition before/now
  • length of time between valuations
  • how has the local market gone - up or down?
  • length of time where similar properties get sold
  • etc

Ask for a copy of the properties the assessor used as comparables is my suggestion.

I’ve had a couple of completely bonkers mortgage evaluations where I’ve gone back and asked them if they’re kidding. Some really incompetent ones out there.

Thanks for your input. It’s a weird one. Haven’t seen such before