New landlord - going travelling

Hello all,

I will be renting out my property within the next couple of months as my girlfriend and I are off travelling!

We have not been landlords before and I have started the copious amounts of reading related to the subject. A neighbour suggested this service, the website looks great; the fees low and transparent.

However I am not sure whether this is the right service for us as we will be out of the country. The house is a new build so I can’t imagine there will be a lot of maintenance. I’ve rented without issues from landlords who live abroad before but wanted to see what the communities thoughts are.

Do you have any advice for us?

Kind regards,


Hi, I’m also going travelling and have my place rented out through here. It is fine but you need to be contactable, so I would suggest giving the tenant a POC who is in the UK. You should also make sure you have good tradesman on hand, as you don’t want the stress of having to organise it while you’re away.