New Landlord market question

We have a nice modernised 3 bed terrace with small Garden in North Croydon. (Soon to be vacated by family member) I’ve looked at market info which seems to suggest a drop in market activity, properties and tenants. Does anyone have a real feel for likelihood of enquires from recent experience?

Don’t know about North Croydon area but I am a few miles north of Manchester and activity is buoyant up here, I had 52 applications for one of the flats just before Christmas.
What have you got to lose, advertise with OpenRent (I would pay the extra £29 if I were you as it goes onto several other sites) if you don’t get the response you want then just pause the ad for a couple of weeks and then go live again.
Just a tip for you if this is first time rental don’t be afraid to go top end with with your monthly rental, going in too low can often rebound on you.

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Many thanks, v helpful

Well ours are in blackpool and never had a problem.

Thanks for your advice - fingers crossed I have a good tenant at £100 more than I had originally budgeted

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