New Landlord to openrent

Hi I’m new here and I have been getting contacts, but not sure how to go about it

How to go about what?

Ok let me start like this, out of interest of making more money, I began searching the website and I came across open rent, becos I heard that there is a great deal of making money by investing in renting out properties, I don’t have a property to rent out, but I came across a man on the forum saying that he needs help in renting an apartment, and I decided to help by responded to the message, my intentions was to search the open rent website.

Now I got another email of someone who got hold of my email and he said that he wants me to help a couple who wants an apartment in East London, which I responded by giving him several apartments and up till now he has not gotten back to me, so I’m like hm what’s happening, so that’s what I had to get in touch.

Sourcing properties for others is a thing, google it, but its quite a niche activity and you need a lot of property experience and knowledge. Whats yours?

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Wow I can tell you 0 knowledge, I only just happen to live in one!

How do you intend to make money out of it?

You can’t be a middleman on Openrent - if you contact a landlord offering them someone else as a tenant, especially for a fee, they will report you and you’ll get banned.

You can’t charge the tenant because tenant fees are banned.

I suggest you think of a different way to make money. If you’re really interested in property then get a job with an estate agent and work your way up. There are no shortcuts. Especially avoid the courses run by so-called guru’s.

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Well noted thanks can I come and work with you :slightly_smiling_face:

I would never trust the job of tenant selection or management to anyone else. Thats why I dont use agents. Landlords can be fined tens of thousand of pounds for a simple admin error or can lose similar amounts in unpaid rent for making the wrong choice. My view is that you have to have skin in the game to be involved in letting property.

Wow really? I best stick to my NHS JOB then! Thanks David :blush:

that is unkind Sometimes people have the best intentions in the wrong direction

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Apologies, it probably was unkind.

It did seem like a honest post until OP asked to work for someone else, It read as flippant.

I think we’re are all smart enough to realise that if you have no property to rent out and no prior experience, a forum isn’t the best place to begin.

OP should, in my opinion, absolutely stick to the NHS job.

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