New tenancy, please help with very demanding new tenants

Write them a letter telling them not to interfere with boiler and appliances and if anything else is touched you will be sending them the bill.

Think also about finding new tenants at the end of their tenancy. They sound a liability.

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I have messaged Lead Tenant she is saying she did ask her partner not to interfere with the Boiler. I checked her partner on Boiler Safety register and he is not registered Gas Safe. I did not sleep whole night thinking what they have done and could have caused serious damages.
I have asked to reinstate the boiler as it was before the engineer arrives. I have decided I am going to reveiw the tenancy. Yesterday she messaged saying the water is coming out of the floor without using the toilet. She can see the water coming from below the toilet, his partner suggest that the toilet need to be removed and inspected. She gives me solution rather than just reporting problems which is annoying me, thats what her partner says he has 10year plumbing experience. I spoke to my maintenance guy and he said if the flexi is not leaking then the pan connecter may be loose. However he need to check. On checking we found only on flushing the leak his happening not on stand buy of the toilet. Any how changed the connector pan and left it and will comeback to reseal it.
The garden is full of dog poo I visited property to get work done saturday and sunday the dog poo is lying on same state.


You might want to consider s21 as soon as youre able to serve it.

It’s a strange phenomenon but some people can’t help but mess around with appliances, water, electrics etc. So dangerous.


You should consider 21, as an adult, I believe you can judge who are trouble maker and who are seeking reasonable help. It is always not easy to be a landlord.


If the boiler has been tampered with (whether the person doing it is Gas Safe registered or not) without your knowledge and/or consent, get it documented and quickly. Ideally, get your gas engineer to write something up for you stating what has been done.


It sounds as though your being set-up for a claim or reduction in rent by your pain in the ass tenant.
I infirm my tenants that I do not do general repairs under the value of £60 as estimated by my own handyman this stops the petty calls for silly things like replacement lights and lost keys etc.
I also inform the tenants that if my heating engineer discovers any form of unauthorised tampering then costs relating to call out and rectification must be paid immediately by the tenant.

She gave notice last week saying she will move out on 4th Dec as her partner has left , I did reference check for new property she was moving too and soon as the new landlord denied to accept list of issues has started again.
The notice was not valid as its too early for 4month breakclause. However I had accepted after a chat.
On inspecting the property on the day of the chat I found there is a big patch due to heavy rain last week. I went and saw wall wet and thought the gutter is overflowing causing the wall to get wet. Sent a roofer and I was present the gutter was partially blocked and debris which he cleared it. The tenant said there is damp in the house and it looked that they are drying clothes in the house the Cloth drying rack was next to the radiator the tenant was denying she is drying in the living room cum dining space.
There was damp when I bought the property and got fixed the rising damp via Kenwood. Now there are moulds only on the bottom part of the skirting. She didn’t even bother to wipe them out and now blaming property is mouldy. Since then her partner has returned and now same old story has started where he is expert and moving closed couple toilet to take video of the leak despite saying him not to interfere.
She has now requested me to cancel her notice and I dont want to what can I do legally

Its not clear whether you can rely on the tenants notice and this may hinge on further facts and some case law. You will need expert legal advice. I suggest you speak to a firm of solicitors such as JMW or Anthony Gold.

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Am I to understand you gave a poor reference and as a result this tenant is still with you?

“Drying clothes in the house”, wow, what a crime. If there is damp, it is because your house lacks ventilation. I can’t imagine the relationship you have with tenant. Meanwhile, the external condition of the house is so bad that a wall is wet! You need to get some perspective. And get some ventilation.

No I did not give poor reference. I think she said lie to perspective landlord on her financial bankruptcy. The new landlord denied her on basis of legal advice.

The tenant has called last week to say she wants to go on same day 3rd dec as she has been accepted by new landlord . However she does not know if she can move or not so I cant change the Tenancy end date as it stays 3rd Dec.
I am really getting annoyed as she is after DPS before she moves out which was given by the council.
Please can you advice I have written email and there has been no confirmation yet. She consistently saying I dont have deposit to pay new landlord so I have diverted her to Flatfair. Now no response what the new landlord wants.