New tenant advice!

So I just moved into a new property on the 23rd this month and viewed this property 2 months prior. Before I viewed the house I was told by the landlord that the carpet would be all finished by moving day. On moving day, the carpet including the stairs were not done and still have the nails sticking out. She reassured me that it would be finished this week but still no contact or information infact when I text her so doesn’t text back. I have a 2 year old so I feel its unsafe for him to walk up the stairs as even I have get caught on the nails in the flooring. Most of the property to be fair isn’t finished, the walls are half painted, the kitchen is half finished etc but the most important thing is the carpet. I paid 2 months rent advance & deposit and I am all new to this and assumed it covered November rent but I mistaken wrong, I’ve spent most of the days this week in a hotel because the toilet was leaking and the maintenance man said I had to wait until it was fixed. Could anyone advise me on what I should do next? I hate being difficult but for safety reasons it’s just not safe for my child.


I would say get pictures and evidence of everything if you haven’t already, contact shelter get their advice I believe you can contact the council but if you have tried to communicate with the landlord & not hearing anything that’s the steps to take I feel.

I hope that landlord got back to you and fixed the issues by now. I had a similar situation but it is really minor. The landlord promised to install a TV in living room once I move-in but nothing happend.

I think you should get the Environmental Health Officer in as soon as possible and get Shelter to help you unwind the tenancy. You probably need to start looking for somewhere else to live.