New Tenant from overseas

Hi, I’ve a tenant who is moving from overseas to the UK with his work. Which is a local ( big national ) company.
We have spoken several times and i feel he is suitable as a future tenant.

So now we are ready to start the paperwork.
My concern is that he has only been with the UK company a short time. So will he be able to pass any UK credit checks?
I can always ask for his company to provide a letter of employment and his salary.
Or as he dropped into conversation, a years rent upfront.

Do you think the option of a years rent upfront is better as that then is in part a major part of the risk sorted for the 12months of the agreement.

I had stated 12month min agreement to start, with it dropping to 6 months there after for both parties.

The person has been head hunted and im guessing a decent package has been offered to this employee who is at a senior management level. To move to the UK including all their belongings and there partner.

Any views very welcomed as new to openrent… thank you.

In similar circumstances I have undertaken some referencing myself, asking the employer for a letter confirming the position, salary, hours and length of contract. Ive also checked 6 month bank and credit card statements and asked for evidrnce of savings. Dont forget Right to Rent checks. If he was renting in his home country, you might contact his landlord by email if he speaks English.

its all going ahead but I am concerned the references will come back with nothing as they are over seas… All I can do is request FULL year in advance… as then this sets the historic rental for them moving forward that they have paid in advance and second that I am guaranteed the money then.

You’re guaranteed the money for a year. After that who knows and it takes the best part of a year in most areas to evict someone. I’m not a fan of advance rent. If you do all the due diligence that you can and it looks ok then you either have to go with it or decide now that its not a risk you will take.

Hes been living somewhere, earning etc. Google translate could beva help with the paperwork he must have. But a year upfront is his trump card. Take it.

You need to deal directly with the HR department of his employer for referencing. don’t let him do it for you.