Notice period after break term

Hi, I am looking to renew the tenancy agreement to another fixed term and have asked for a new 6m break clause and 2m notice from either side for termination post the break period. Tenant had asked for 2m notice from landlord snd 1m notice from tenant side which I found unfair. I’d rather have sufficient time in hand (2m) than have an empty property without tenant. He has come back saying that that is how it is as per govt. guidance and sent me this link. I couldn’t find any such point in the document (although it says that notice periods are ‘typically’ 1m). So am I in my rights to insist on a like for like 2m notice from either side?

Why? Much easier and better for both of you to just allow the tenancy to become periodic at the end of the fixed term. This happens automatically on the same terms as before and the only thing to do is serve a new How to Rent if its changed. If you want to increase hhe rent, you can use a s13 notice unless you have a rent review clause.