NRLS registration

Sorry if this is not related to “Legal” category.

A bit confused on the procedure for a non-resident landlord scheme.
If a landlord registers with HMRC and gets approved; does the tenant still have to register with HMRC?
I read online saying a tenant/agent must join before the landlord joins the scheme; is this definitely the case since it doesn’t mention this on the registration form.
I am not using a full management from an agent so the payment will be made to me directly from the tenant. I am trying to understand this and do whatever is necessary hoping it’ll be easier for the tenant.

My understanding is its either/or. If you register then youll pay the tax directly.

That’s what I hope how it works. And it does seem logical that either tenant or landlord needs to register not both.

Hi @stt106 - did you find out if a non-resident landlord registers / gets approved with HMRC then the tenant doesn’t have to? I’m hoping this is the case. My back up plan is adding on a full management after-the-fact if I have to.

Yes, if the landlord registers with HMRC then the tenants don’t need to.
I think HMRC actually writes to let the tenants know that they can pay the landlords directly but I haven’t verified this with my tenant.