Offer Accepted but want to pull out, but not paid Holding Deposit, am I still liable?

Yesterday my offer for letting was accepted by the landlord. Previous to this, I handed in my paperwork to agree to pay a holding deposit to secure the letting in addition to other info related to the offer.

I didn’t and still haven’t paid the holding deposit at the time of submitting the offer and after the landlord accepted. I have found a better offer and now no longer want to enter the agreement.

Am I still liable to for the holding deposit even though I haven’t paid it yet?

You should contact them straight away. They will be turning away other people. What do you feel is the right thing to do?

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I have already messaged them and plan to call them this morning since we received the offer last night

Hey Harry, are you at Sunderland?

Is this offer around Manchester, i am willing to take it please.

@Mulikat_Moji You would have to apply using the usual methods. This property could literally be anywhere in the UK!

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