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Just looking for peoples experience with letting agents, I’ve looked a t a few online letting agents as i’m overseas, but local agents in area are not as competitive pricing wise. Any recommendations welcome in the midlands Birmingham area

I can’t suggest specific agents. I can make a few suggestions to avoid a massive headache.

  • make yourself accessible to your tenants. Ensure they have your email/phone, and reach out once the tenancy had begun to introduce yourself and welcome them. (Also you aren’t required to respond immediately if they start taking advantage)

  • check over all the documentation and contracts your letting agent uses BEFORE they are signed.

  • communicate your wishes directly to the tenant instead of hoping your letting agent doesn’t have an agenda in how they spin it.

  • be very careful of the letting agent padding their own pocket at your expense.

  • remember your letting agent does not have a contract with the tenant, you do, and you are liable for your agent’s actions taken on your behalf.

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Hi Narinder1, I’ve been using the online letting agency OpenRent for a few years and cannot recommend them highly enough, attracting many more prospective tenants that any local agent. I’ve shown prospective tenants around who are abroad using WhatsApp. During Lockdown, I signed tenancy agreements via Zoom. If you are abroad, you need someone to show new tenants around, and hand over keys, but perhaps the departing tenant could do that. I don’t know, however, how effective periodic inspections would be via video-link. Perhaps you need someone local to do that.

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Thanks Richard, I’m looking at online agencies that offer full mgmt but open rent is my second preference as I’d need to have someone local to do inspections and showing around perspective Tenant as my tenants have moved out

This is fantastic which other company do you use for check in and checkout ?

About Viewber, I purchased the accompanied viewing package via the Open Rent Portal. My overall experience of Viewber was positive. A disappointing aspect was being upsold other services by my Viewber including an overpriced inventory which is not as accurate as inventories I’ve previously purchased direct from Open Rent.

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