Openrent electronic AST - how to exclude garage

I need to state in the AST that the garage is excluded from the tenancy.
Under ‘Premises’ it says ‘together with fixtures…’
How to do this ?

Hi @MorrisM

Thanks for your question. If you are using our Rent Now tenancy creation service then you will get access to our standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy contract. Some parts of the contract (such as the length of the fixed term, break clause etc.) can be edited and we also have the option for landlords to add in their own clauses. We have a guide on how to add clauses in our Help Centre.

Please note that if a landlord chooses to add their own clause(s) to the contract they do so at their own risk - OpenRent won’t review any custom clause that a landlord chooses to add. Therefore, it’s important that landlords seek independent advice on whether or not a proposed clause is proportionate and enforceable. We have a detailed guide on how to help ensure custom clauses are secure here

It seems absurd that the Landlord isn’t able to edit the text in the ‘Premises’ section but has to add a custom clause to exclude part of the property. Similarly, the landlord isn’t able to edit the tenant name in the agreement to align their name with that shown in their passport. :roll_eyes:

Is the garage attached to the property or within it’s boundary ?

Editing or drafting text in a legal document is a specialist job. I wouldnt recommend it unless you have trained as a solicitor at the very least.

Hi @MorrisM

We work with our legal experts to ensure that our contract is a comprehensive as possible so that it is suitable for the majority of landlords to use. However, it’s not possible for us to create a tenancy contract that will work in every situation which is why our custom clause option this there.

For security reasons, only an account holder can change their name by clicking “edit profile”. So we’d recommend that you ask your tenant to make any necessary changes to their name.

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