OR Rent Guarantee Insurance

Hi, first time posting so would really appreciate any help/input.

I referenced a candidate via OpenRent referencing and they passed with flying colours. The person is struggling to get a guarantor (both of his parents are retired and unwilling to take on any risk)

Would I be able to go forward with RGI (from OpenRent) without a guarantor in place?
Do any of you have experience with the OpenRent RGI, is it worth it and was it straight forward enough to make claims etc.?


I can only speak from personal experience, which is I’ve only once asked for a guarantor and never bothered with RGI. If you have the right selection and vetting processes in place, then in my experience, that’s usually enough.

Yes, if your tenants passed referencing then RGI should be available for you to purchase. You can find out more details, and purchase online 24/7, from this page:

You can have the best selection and vetting processes in the world, but if a tenant loses their job (through no fault of their own) or has some other major life event impact their income, then their ability to pay rent may vanish overnight. RGI is there to protect you, especially if you are a landlord with a small number of properties and so can’t spread this risk out across 10+ properties. Having said that, our larger landlords also like RGI to protect against recession risks across their entire portfolio, but it really depends on your risk appetite and cashflow/mortgage position!

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